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Butt Implant Surgery

7 Nights

Average Length of Stay in Istanbul

2-4 Hours

Average Session Required

2 Day

Length of Stay in Hospital

2-3 Hours

Operation Duration

General Anesthesia


6 Months

Recovery Time

Butt Implant Surgery

Introduction to Buttock Implant Surgery

Buttock implant surgery is designed to achieve fuller and more shapely buttock contours. Implants are surgically placed to add volume and curvature to the buttock area.

Initial Consultation: The First Step of Your Journey

The first step toward a successful cosmetic operation is an extensive consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon. During this meeting, your health history, aesthetic goals, and the potential outcomes of the surgery are discussed.

Pre-Surgery Preparation: Setting the Stage for Success

To get the best results from your buttock implant operation, your surgeon might suggest specific medical tests and evaluations. Smokers are advised to quit smoking before the surgery to promote healing.

The Day of Surgery: The Beginning of Change

Buttock implant surgery is performed under general anesthesia and can last around 2-3 hours. Your surgeon will make incisions in an appropriate area of your buttock and place the pre-selected implants.

Recovery Process: A Time for Patience and Care

After the surgery, your buttock area will be wrapped in bandages, and small drains may be placed. Following your surgeon's recovery guidelines helps speed up healing and reduces the risk of complications.

Results: A Renewed Appearance

The results of buttock implant surgery become increasingly evident as the healing process completes. The buttocks will have a fuller and more sculpted appearance, though surgical scars can be permanent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Buttock Implant Surgery Permanent?

The results are generally permanent, but aging and changes in body weight can have an impact.

When Can I Return to Work After Surgery?

Patients can usually return to work within 2-4 weeks but should avoid heavy physical activities

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