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Monica J.

Patient Review


Applied Treatment

Upper Eyelid and Smart Lens

Operation Date

10 Mayıs 2024

Date of Return Home

15 Mayıs 2024


Basic Examination, Eye measurements

Satisfaction Rate

Patient Complaints and First Findings

Monica Jones applied to us through our website with a complaint of cataracts. The existing eye reports were shared with our doctor before our patient arrived. As a result of our doctor's evaluation according to the report, it was determined that the patient was suitable for smart lens treatment and a treatment plan was sent to our patient.

Treatment Plan

Smart lens treatment was recommended to our patient. Monica Jones decided on the flight ticket date with our friend in our sales team and came to our country. During her examination, our doctor stated that an upper eyelid procedure was also suitable for her and that it would further relieve her vision. Our patient also accepted upper eyelid treatment. First, the smart lens operation was performed. On the second day of treatment, she was checked and had upper eyelid surgery. Checks were made again on the 3rd day of treatment. Return to her country took place on the 4th day.

Treatment Process

  • Day 1: Smart lens application.

  • Day 2: Upper eyelid surgery.

  • Day 3: Checks were made.

  • Day 4: Return to her country took place.

There were no difficulties or changes during treatment.

Recovery After Treatment

Our patient had a check-up on the 2nd day after smart lens application and was very satisfied. The upper eyelid surgery was performed successfully. She came for a checkup on the 3rd day and everything was fine. She was sent back to her country in good health on the 4th day.

Patient Feedback

Our patient evaluated her post-treatment experience positively and stated that she was very satisfied with our clinic and our team.

Before and After Patient Photos

Below you can find the photos taken when the patient arrived at the clinic and after the procedure.

The first photo taken when the patient arrived at the clinic:

Patient History and Risk Factors

There is no detailed information about Monica Jones' past health status and current risk factors. However, this information has been important in determining the treatment plan.

Post-Treatment Follow-Up and Recommendations

After the treatment, our team initially calls our patient every 2 weeks to monitor whether he or she has any eye-related complaints. Then we check it every 3 months. 99% of the time, there are no problems with smart lens treatments. However, if the patient does not wear glasses, wets her eyes, and spends time in places with pollen immediately after the surgery, there may be a risk of infection.

Other Treatment Options

While determining the treatment plan, smart lens and upper eyelid surgery were preferred, which were the most suitable option for our patient. Other treatment options were evaluated, and those methods that best responded to our patient's needs were applied.